Looking for a Powerful Speaker?

Meet Attiyah Blair, a powerful & passionate speaker and creator of The Master Reset method.  Attiyah is also the co-founder of the Women of Vision Empowerment Network. The Washington, DC native is known for her contagious energy, passionate delivery and captivating presence. She is sure to capture and keep the attention of the audience from beginning to end. Attiyah will motivate and inspire individuals in your organization to achieve the same level of excellence she has achieved in many areas of her life.
Attiyah’s coaching and speaking has led to success for her clients in the U.S and across the world. Before becoming an ICF Certified Coach, Attiyah spent nearly 10 years working in the television industry at NBC, CBS, and FOX. At the end of her 5 year career with NBC, she created a weight loss series where she shared her personal struggle with weight and told the story of others who have triumphed in the battle of the bulge.




Here’s how Attiyah’s coaching and speaking will benefit your corporation:

Most employers know that when employees neglect their health, insurance fees rise. What you may not know is employee wellness also affects company performance and overall success.

Here are some results of poor employee health:

  • Soaring insurance costs
  • High turn-over rates
  • Employees with low self-esteem
  • Ineffective management results
  • Insufficient motivation and productivity

Attiyah is ready to help you and the individuals in your organization “Master their body by resetting their mind.” Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and fulfillment.

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Upon receipt of your request, we will confirm your request and submit the official response to your invitation for Attiyah to speak. At the time of our response, we will outline event specifics such as arrival time, product table, honorariums/fees, etc. On the day of the event, Attiyah requests a speaker table to sell her workbooks.

For out of town events, travel and lodging arrangements must be made and the confirmation schedules must be sent 45 to 60 days prior to the start date.

We look forward to helping the individuals in your organization achieve greatness!


Attiyah’s Signature Speeches:

The Body/Business Connection: Healthier People Make More Money
Learn How to:

  • Increase productivity by decreasing unhealthy habits
  • Implement simple strategies that make a big impact on your energy and overall health
  • Identify and conquer common workplace pitfalls to weight loss and wellness

The Corporate Ladder has a Weight Limit: 5 Steps to Easily Integrate Healthy Habits and Increase Success
Learn How to:

  • How to remove limitations and negative perception by focusing on health
  • Use both your strengths and weakness to create a formula for success
  • Get up and get moving without losing productivity
  • Change the way others see you by changing the way you see yourself

The Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss
Learn How to:
  • Tap into the most powerful tool for losing weight
  • Get rid of excuses and self-sabotage
  • Stay consistent and experience long-term success
“The Master Reset”: Mastering Your Body by Resetting Your Mind
Learn How to:
  • Identify thought processes and triggers that have kept you stuck
  • Control emotional eating and manage your emotions without food
  • Make healthy living sustainable by finding joy and happiness
  • Learn How to:       
    • Increase employee productivity with health & wellness strategies
    • Become more profitable by becoming more healthy
    • Energize staff and increase your bottom line

What Are You Hungry For? Putting an end to Emotional Eating

  • Learn How to:   
    • Understand your Cravings
    • Have your emotional needs met without food
    • Eat healthy and have healthier relationships

The Master Reset: Mastering Your Body By Resetting Your Mind

  • Learn How to:
    • Go from “I want” to “I will” reach my goals
    • Shift Your Perspective on Your Body
    • Plan to Succeed

What’s in Your Excuse Bag?

  • Learn:
    • What is keeping you from reaching your health goals
    • How to challenge thought processes and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in a rut
    • To get rid of negative emotions, reduce stress, and make a lifestyle change